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Taking Our Self-Care Seriously this Season

Hello Fitness Friends! Jo here, I'm one of the instructors at Just About You and wanted to pop in to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving, if you're celebrating it this week. I've listed a few reminders we can practice to take care of ourselves when there seems to be more chaos than time for self-care in our busier-than-ever schedules.

  1. Get outside. We live in Minnesota, I realize, but with our mild temperatures the crisp air is perfect for a brisk walk to press reset on the day. Or, if you able, get together with a friend for a socially distanced walk to share holiday plans, recipes or simply enjoy the time together. You can bundle the kids up for an adventure and bring the dog! Everyone benefits from fresh air! A 30-minute walk is beneficial for your physical and mental health, and can place value on your day, regardless of the time. Check out this lovely pic I captured last week while strolling around Lake Kohlmeier.

2. Drink Water. As cliche as it sounds, water is vital to our wellbeing. Regardless of your health goals, water is your best friend. If you're curious about how much water to drink, there are many theories and formulas available to determine an amount based on weight, activity, etc., one that I like to use is fairly striaghtforward. For this method, take your weight in pounds, divide in half and calculate the ounces of water to consume as a starting point. If someone weighs 200 pounds, they would drink 100 ounces of water.

3. Put down the devices. Social media, television, the news, it can be all-consuming and impact our health long after we power down. Turn them off for an hour before your designated sleep time for a few nights this week to reflect if you're feeling any differently. Are you able to fall asleep faster, was your sleep better? Did you wake up feeling like you had more sleep than perhaps the night before? All positive signs of restful slumber. Instead of the gadgets, pick up a book, get out the board games, write a letter (even if you don't send it), bring out the photo albums, journal, it's amazing the reconnection we can have when not relying on a device to do the work for us! Rest is a natural way for our bodies and minds to relax, recharge, and power back up!

4. Hold space. As identifiable as the first three practices are, (and yes I see how commonplace these practices may sound to you...even warranted an eye roll already? Not trying to break any health science new flash here!) As a Mom of twins that works full time and has a side hustle (or two) I witness people around me everyday, who are working so hard, doing so much, yet are not taking any time for themselves, and we see you...we're the glue holding things together! So, in the midst of our auto-programmed "I got this", are you comfortable telling your loved ones, co-workers, etc., that you're taking time for yourself, taking a step back from a planned activity, and leaning into your health restoration? In some circumstances, others can make one feel guilty for asserting time to self-care. Yet holding space specifically devoted to you adds value to mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. This is our life, our body, our mind, and it's critical to our endurance and functioning. Please don't allow anyone to gaslight you or anyone around you into thinking what you're doing is selfish. Health restoration will look different on everyone, so holding space is going to be an individual choice, and vital for your authentic self to shine! It isn't selfish at all, and rather a mindful practice! It is just one of many healthful practices of radical self love.

From all of here at Just About You, please take some time this season to take care of yourself.

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