Proprietor, Trainer, & Instructor

I have been teaching formal group fitness and training classes since 2010.  I am a NETA Certified Personal Trainer, NETA Certified Kettlebell, Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, Certified Pilates, Certified Restorative Yoga, Licensed Zumba and Zumba Toning, also educated, trained and experienced in Strength Training, Body Weight, Myofascial Release/Foam Rolling, Small Group Personal Training, ReBoot Camp, Core Stabilization - Strength and Fitness, Boxing 360, Stretching.  Jennifer continues her studies and currently is working on her certification in the Essentials of Sports and Exercise Nutrition. She is the Owner of Just About You! Life Fitness and Personal Training Center, fulfilling her dream of one day offering to others what she endlessly sought out for herself, to get fit and health...and never to be labeled "Morbidly Obese" again. 


I also have researched, learned, and practiced ketogenic cooking and eating for the past several years.  Our daughter is gluten sensitive, so I also incorporated more gluten free baking and cooking.  Not a big alteration to the way I cook and bake ketogenically. 


I truly have enjoyed helping people find better methods and approaches to discover how fitness can be more than just beneficial to your health.  It can be fun, too.  Most of all, training people to make the time for themselves and putting themselves first so they can not only be healthier, fitter, and stronger...but to also be all they need to be for others.  It's hard to break the habit of ignoring your own (necessary) needs first.  

  • Kettlebell I & II: Certified

  • Barre Connect Specialty: Certified

  • Personal Training: Certified

  • Senior Fitness Specialist: Certified

  • Pilates Specialty: Certified

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Body Weight Training

  • Group Strength Training Advanced

  • K08

  • TRX 

  • Strength Training advanced

  • Myofascial Release: Foam rolling & more

  • Zumba 

  • Zumba Toning

  • Functional Fitness: Ropes, Tires, & Squat

  • Boxing Fusion

  • Post Rehab Considerations

  • Yin Yoga Essentials

  • Stretching Anatomy

  • Core Strength & Conditioning

Diana Gregory 

Trainer, Instructor, & Health Coach 

Diana joined our team at the start of 2017.  She has an immense amount of experience, training, background.  


I  have been a fitness trainer and Instructor for over 11 years. I am an Ace certified personal trainer and Ace certified in health coaching. I am also Neta certified in Group Exercise and Pilates. I am licensed in Zumba as well as Zumba for kids. I have been teaching Zumba and Pilates for over 6 years and have experience in Advanced Pilates too. I love teaching and helping people in reaching their goals to live a healthier lifestyle. 


I have a passion for outdoor hobbies.  I like to ski and skate every winter.  I am also a substitute teacher and teach fitness classes for senior assisted living.  I enjoy spending time with my children and sporting events.

  • Pilates: Certified

  • Advanced Pilates

  • Barre Pilates

  • Zumba

  • Zumba for Kids

  • Group Fitness: Certified

  • Health Coaching: certified

  • Personal Training: Certified

  • Silver Sneakers Instructor

Joann Jones

Group Fitness, Dance, Aquatic and Barre Instructor.

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

I am an insured dance, aquatic and Barre Instructor and have been teaching for several years to many individuals with various fitness goals. 

I understand and appreciate the comprehensive fitness world.  Training includes a myriad of group fitness classes to include tabata, HIIT, weight training, core strength, Cardio Dance and Dance Fitness (trained & licensed in Zumba©, Zumba Toning©, Zumba Aqua© Sentao©), Kickboxing.

I’ve also contributed to several charity-based events by instructing and leading live events for a cause.

I look forward to working with the diverse and dynamic mix of people at Just About You! Life Fitness & Personal Training Center. 

  • Barre

  • Zumba, Zumba Toning, Sentao

  • Cardio Dance & Dance Fit

  • Group Fitness

  • Zumba Aqua

  • Tabata

  • Core Strength & Conditioning

  • HIIT

  • Weight Training

  • Kickboxing

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Music: several fitness classes, as well as personal training sessions, are taught without studio provided music. Our studio is less than 2000 sf. and due to the nature of our business does not have set published hours of operation. In few instances music is used, the music has been legally purchased from Fit Beat Music. Fit Beat Music produces original LICENSE FREE workout music mixes ideal for aerobic workouts, kickbox, cardio fitness, step aerobics, cross training, cardio karate, group exercise, fitness training, athletic training, personal workouts, running and more! No Public Performance License (PPL) required to use their music in commercial facilities.  


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