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2021 Challenges

Health Warning: If you're unsure of your health status, have multiple health problems or are pregnant, speak with your doctor before starting a new exercise program. Working with your doctor ahead of time can help you plan the exercise program that's right for you. And that's a good first step on your path to physical fitness.

Motivating yourself to get or stay fitter and healthier can be difficult.  Sometimes it can just seem overwhelming.  Basically, it IS a life-long endeavor.  But aren't YOU worth it? Don't you owe it to yourself to keep trying?  

Several times in 2021 we will be designing and presenting a challenge that you can reserve your spot to participate.  These challenges are not free but then neither are health care, wardrobes, food, and the emotional exhaustion of frustration that you just want to FINALLY achieve your goals. 


While we can't guarantee you will achieve your goals, reveal a 6-pack to the world, be a certain size or number on the scale, we can guarantee that we have always been there to help people...and we never tire of it. We can assure you that we have experienced hurdles ourselves. We sometimes don't share that our silent or invisible physical challenges we also are experiencing, are the reasons why we want to help others and we love what we do. 


You get support, motivation, and sometimes have stronger will-power than you - encouraging you to keep never give up on yourself.   

Challenges are a great way to get our workouts done and to be held accountable, too.  For a little extra motivation, we have added prizes.  Each challenge will have its own directions or requirements, including minimums that need to be completed in order to qualify for a prize.


EVERY challenge is designed for all fitness levels to complete.  If you require modifications to the challenge due to physical or medical reasons, please let us know. 

As with any fitness     

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