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Classes & Training2022 have resumed.

Looking to get started with personal training? Call or email to set up your free consultation.

We Love What We Do!

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Spring Special: Buy a package of 10 & get 2 additional free. 

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Just About You!  ~Personalized Fitness~

  • FULL: that class is full with no remaining spots

  • Kettlebell is ONLY taught in person!

  • Small Group PT: personal training for clients: closed session

  • Hybrid: a class that offers some in person spots and will be offered online, as well.

  • ONLINE: a class that is offered almost exclusively online.

  • Fitness Training: This is a group training class that will offer different types of fitness workouts.

  • In person classes: when weather permits, there will be times spent outside for the warmups and/or workouts.

  • Saturday Classes: Occasionally will be offered. In person: Weather permitting classes may be held outdoor. Some may be offered off-site and/or online.

*Schedule does not reflect off-site corporate or personal training.

  1. All classes are offered preregistration and payment in advance.


  1. In person classes are by registration and reserved for those committing to an available spot.

  2. To participate in online or hybrid classes: customer needs to have access to Zoom & Google Meet.

    1. Gentle Strength requires participants to have their own hand weights, resistance tube, Chair with a back, & resistance band.

Vincent Van Gogh

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

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